Some Things Never Get Old; Travel Music, File Under

Some things just never get old.  Also, I wish these people were my friends.  (The dancing ones and the singing ones.) [Mates of State image thanks to Santos]

3/ I Remember the Ocean in Estoril

Copyright 2009 JesusBranded I remember the year(s) in Portugal when my heart was cracked and dry. I needed to run near the ocean every day in order to clear my head to hear God. And over and over the waters whispered that times of refreshing would come to me.   And I believed them because … Continue reading

I Remembering Discovering a Band, All By Myself

My early twenties were important self-actualization years, as it goes.  I remember the day when I discovered Mates of State all by myself, without any help from my very-well-informed-hipster-before-we-called-them-hipster friends.  It was a very important, magical moment for me. The year was 2002, my graduation year.  I discovered Mates of State’s first song Hoarding it … Continue reading

Dancing Three-Year Old Upon Arrival, A MOS Review

Happy days in barista land, where on Friday I served as quasi-manager for the day at the shop. The highest perk of “womaning” the coffee shop a la’ solo is usurping the power to shift the musical atmosphere. I figure that a little Over the Rhine, new Mates of State, and old Radiohead is good … Continue reading

Definitive Band for Spring

Some say Spring is the season of love. For me, Spring is the season of great bands on tour! Tomorrow night I’m driving up to PA to see the illustrious Mates of State, the definitive Spring band. Why, you ask? Because Mates of State combine rock and love and still make everybody dance. (Kori and … Continue reading