Some Things Never Get Old; Travel Music, File Under

Some things just never get old.  Also, I wish these people were my friends.  (The dancing ones and the singing ones.) [Mates of State image thanks to Santos]

Dear Severity, in all Seriousness

O’ fart sity. In all seriousness, photo credits and congratulations to J. Heineman and his bride.  Seems that J. Longbrake did the wedding fotos and the party looks like it was both stunning and unpretentious.  I like that.

I Remember Discovering Salinger (as Pseudo Psalmist)

I remember reading a red and worn Catcher in the Rye for the first time in undergrad, I think at Sarah Painter’s insistence.  And I remember reading it again, and again, and then again, laughing aloud increasingly more with each turn.  “Humor is every bit as noble as drama and just as honest.  To sit … Continue reading

You Are the Mama Rose, the Famous One.

I made Mama a short movie card. But WordPress wouldn’t let me show it to the world, so I posted it on my (now extinct) old blog. You may see it here. It made her laugh, multiple times over. And my Mama has got a great laugh. I only wish it didn’t have to be … Continue reading

Rachel, Rachel, Roses, Roses.

Three things I read this evening which I deem to be notably funny. (As in, funny “ha-ha,” not funny “oh, gross.”): 1. Rachel Chester’s suggestions on how to improve US airline travel, following her recent trip to Texas. She is a little bundle of texas riot bundled up in NYC. She is also a WordPress … Continue reading

I Like Big Books

This is ridiculous. I mean, really funny. The “I’ll greet her with some holy kissin” part kills me. And the flirting over the flannel boards. In my high school days, I think I shamelessly knew the Sir-Mix-a-Lot original word for word. I am happy to report that:1. I have a cast-iron stomach and can handle … Continue reading

Post Script: EKGs and Pterodactyls

Upon further review, I now realize that it was a naive oversight to use the idea of hearts palpitating and prophylactics in the same blog-title. I hope that the tiny corner of blogdom that walks across this “Hello” mat did not find me crude or racy. It was wholly unintended. (Cheers, Brian, for being the … Continue reading

Goodbye, Hello, Uh-Oh

I said “goodbye” to the Bordens yesterday in Arusha. They waved me off on my 5-hour shuttle to Nairobi. I cried. And then I napped. I think those two things go well together. I had two hours to kill at the airport so I ordered a veggie burger. A strange sort of curried-Kenyan version of … Continue reading

Familiar Streets, Salinger on Family

Portugal is familiar as ever. And I do mean familial-er. The uneven stone streets of this land reach out and greet me as a sister because I, too, am uneven. And we will keep on walking, dear. I might start including scraps from my scrappy journal, as I write them. My tone betrays my own … Continue reading

Everybody Mango!

I am currently back in Baltimore. I got my three tiny cavities filled, quite painlessly. Among many other things, I am pond-fishing through my iTunas and putting the finishing touches on a Hey you! It’s summer! homemade CD mix extravaganza of indie goodness. In honor of Portuguese summers, it shall be entitled Everybody Mango! If … Continue reading