Things to do on your Birthday

I had a birthday this week.  I did some fun things.  I like life. 1. Order 55 fish tacos for you and some friends. 2. Wave at a clown on 6th street. 3. Drive with all the windows down to the coffee shop. 4. Watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” projected on your living … Continue reading

Live Blogging from Pasadena Film Premiere: Linnea – Freedom through Limits

I’m so thrilled to be reviving the blog in order to introduce you to this phenomenal short film, Linnea: Freedom through Limits.  Linnea Gabriella Spransy is an acclaimed artist whose work has been exhibited both across the USA and internationally.  She is also on the leadership team of the Kansas City 24-7 prayer boiler room, … Continue reading

Resolved: Throw More [Pasta-Making] Parties

Last year I threw a homemade pasta-making party with my house church.  We made tons of fettucini and ravioli with our bare hands. We laughed. We had long conversations. We didn’t eat until 10pm, pretending we lived in southern Europe.  Lauren just put the photos up on Facebook.  The photos reminded me how much joy … Continue reading

Six Months Ago Today / The Fourth of July

Joy, Jeana, Lauren.  In a few different exposures. [Holga – expired Portra 400 VCF ]

day 20 / in the middle of song

A handful of years ago, I met her in Portugal. She told me her whole story through a collection of songs she’d written through her earlier years.  I was at my desk.  She sat on my bed, guitar in hand.  About four months ago, here in Pasadena, I found her again in the middle of … Continue reading

day 8 / a tea party, hug, and Trevor Borden

I think this was accidentally triple-exposed.  (I only meant for it to be double.)  This is why I love you, Holga. [expired Portra VC 400 film ]

Late Night Skype Convos with Prague

Happiness Is

Happiness is being up too late with warm beverage in hand, sifting through the borders of Europe to find two of your old roommates on Skype.  Catching up in between 8 or 9 time zones is more brilliant than I can explain.  Jasmin, waking in Portugal; Jane, waking in Prague.  And me, up horrendously late … Continue reading

Stepping Stones

I may never be able to define what exactly is my “life ministry,” though people are particularly into these sort of bizarre titles. If you ask me, those stepping stones in the canyon creek are words enough. I want to help inspire confidence in hesitant feet, and urge them to laugh and keep going when our shoes get soaked in the water.

day seventeen.