Some Things Never Get Old; Travel Music, File Under

Some things just never get old.  Also, I wish these people were my friends.  (The dancing ones and the singing ones.) [Mates of State image thanks to Santos]

Things to do on your Birthday

I had a birthday this week.  I did some fun things.  I like life. 1. Order 55 fish tacos for you and some friends. 2. Wave at a clown on 6th street. 3. Drive with all the windows down to the coffee shop. 4. Watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” projected on your living … Continue reading

9/ I Remember Never Riding the Bus

Maybe I missed out on some key part of childhood, but I remember always having a ride to school.  Thanks, Mom. (Lomo by Daniel Y. Go)

5/ I Remember Taking off the Training Wheels

I remember learning to ride a bike by preparing to fall and not get hurt too badly. The longsleeves and thick jeans, the accidental reflex of holding my breath as I began to fall; it was all so bracing and normal. Daddy had to walk away and leave me alone. I had to ride in … Continue reading

Raining / Pouring / An Old Man Somewhere is Snoring

Whilst trying to be a full-time grad student (RE: Theology), I am also attempting to be a small-business entrepreneur (RE: Copywriting/Editing).  In my off-mornings I am a barista.  And to cool-down in the afternoons I play dodgeball and tutor middle school students at a local non-profit. I’ve had an uncanny amount of work with the … Continue reading

I Remembering Discovering a Band, All By Myself

My early twenties were important self-actualization years, as it goes.  I remember the day when I discovered Mates of State all by myself, without any help from my very-well-informed-hipster-before-we-called-them-hipster friends.  It was a very important, magical moment for me. The year was 2002, my graduation year.  I discovered Mates of State’s first song Hoarding it … Continue reading

I Remember When Ketchup Made Me Feel Safe

I remember putting ketchup on every unfamiliar taste on my plate.  It was a vague way of controlling my environment, I suppose. (photo by lamazone)

I Remember Singing With Katie, in 10th Grade

I remember listening to this 10,000 Maniacs song over and over and over with my best friend Katie, and us trying to get the harmony just right.  We loved this song because it was so 1995, and the words are pretty.  It reminded us that, well, we were making memories.  These are the days, you. … Continue reading

I Remember the Early 80’s

I remember the early 1980s.  We lived in Schenectady, New York.  I needed my “silkie” blanket to fall asleep, and my thumb pacified me.  I was afraid of the sound of sirens.  I wasn’t afraid to spell my entire last name (eleven letters and one apostrophe!) to get my first library card.  I loved walking … Continue reading

To Tell the Truth

When I come home to my parents house, on some nights I stay up very late and I consume an entire box of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese. I did so tonight, in fact. And God saw it. And it was good. I’m not certain, but I think such things makes me feel as if I am somehow … Continue reading