A Thrill of Hope, the Weary World Rejoices

I am grateful for this day. I am so glad this one baby was born. [Holga I did not take, by aiisuki & rachel a.k.]

You’re Cheering Me Up/I’m Thanking You

I am very grateful for all of you who have been writing me iTunes prescriptions to bandage my wounds. Doctors, nurses, and onlookers, I offer each of you this (delicately happy) free/legal mp3. This is a digital thank you note. Apparently this is the gal who penned that Feist hit “1234.” “Cheer Me Up Thank … Continue reading

Oh, Oh My!

Things That Caused Me to Feel Terribly Loved. This Weekend In Review: 1. Getting to hug dear Elise, Sarah, and Katrina as they drove up to Pasadena from Westmont.2. Seeing Trevor B. leap out of Sarah’s trunk to surprise me with more huggies. (Embraces, not diapers.) The sneaker boy!3. Sue Klein’s chocolate chip banana bread. … Continue reading

Streams for Sunday :: Gratitude, Run.

This is a healthy practice. I will try to make a tradition out of it. Maybe you should, too.

Golf is Fun

Today I played in a golf tournament to benefit Young Life. It was my first time out all season. I was happy to make a couple of birdies and 20 footers. (I hit some real duffs and embarrasing putts, too.) I won the long drive competetition for both the men and women. That was fun. … Continue reading

A School House

I had a pleasant trip up north to see Mates of State. Wish I could’ve encouraged the crowd at Messiah College to bounce a little more, though. (Maybe they think Jesus doesn’t dance. I dunno.) Turns out the show was a benefit for Invisible Children in Uganda. That made me happy. Since I was in … Continue reading

Grazie, Tino; 107

The sun is setting on another American Thanksgiving. The infamous “Black Friday” is approaching. (For all of our dear non-American friends, tomorrow is the day in the States when hoards of shopper-bugs descend on shopping malls and stores to get the most tasty Christmas sales. Some even camp out on the streets in the bitter … Continue reading

I’m Not A Big Old Adult

(This is Part 2 of the following post: Career Day at the Middle School) It’s official. I may be 27, but, I’m not a big old adult. This week I received a thick envelope from Piccowaxen Middle School. Inside I found 28 full-paged letters from students saying, “thank you” for coming to their school to … Continue reading