Live Blog: Linnea – Freedom through Limits // Editing the Film; Art and Community

Note: These questions and answers will not be directly transcripted word-for-word but more idea-for-idea. Question (to Justin Goll): How many iterations did you go through in developing this story in re-drafting it? Justin’s Answer: I really only did 2 drafts. I came into the interview knowing a bit about Linnea. I’d done some research on … Continue reading

16/ I Remember Praying for a Community House in East LA

We are still waiting.  But we pray the same as the day we waited on the abandoned porch of 540.  I heart Restore LA.

Calling All Anonymous Gift-Givers

You may have heard by now that two LA firefighters were killed in the midst of being heroes in the Station Fire: Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones.   The community of folks reading the Altadena Blog has found out that Arnie has a wife who is soon due to have a baby. If you would like … Continue reading

I Remember When They Dreamed For Me, in 2004

Around the days of my twenty-fifth birthday, I was feeling pretty broken.  Deep inside my self, a multitude of things were being uprooted and healed and dusted off.  And this was exhasuting. I remember saying to my flatmates, Jane and Rachel, “I need you to help me dream again.”  I said it through tears, not … Continue reading

Naive New Parent, I Am.

My bicycle named Julius is only two weeks old, and having him makes me feel like a new parent.  I’m learning how much I don’t know about the baby, and his many shiny parts.  People ask me the weirdest questions.  And I feel like an irresponsible mother, sometimes; call me naive. Everywhere I go (and … Continue reading

In New Cities

In a new city, I do not do anything very touristy, because that bores me. I sit with friends and drink coffee. I like it better that way. Friday night we heard some local music at a club in the Mission. The band was smart to have an upright bass, and they call themselves The … Continue reading

Streams for Sunday: Incubators are Good.

I have decided to go on a 10-week travel fast. Pasadena is a good incubator. I will do my best to not leave you, City of Roses.

Ramen at the Lord’s Table

I have some not-so-healthy habits. I stay up too late. I drink too much coffee. I eat things that remind me of college, like ramen noodles and mac-n-cheese. These are non-meals, but I do enjoy real meals, and find the conversation with friends as much of a feast as the eating. I am eating solitary … Continue reading

(This is) How Family Works

You might remember me mentioning the awful fire that destroyed the Simple Way community house, and how you could help Shane Claiborne and company rebuild. Do you know how some in the Family have just responded? They gave the Simple Way the keys to their building, and said, “It’s yours now, because you need it.” … Continue reading

Donating to The Simple Way and Potter St.

After the fire, The Simple Way has announced two ways you can give to rebuild their community. I’m amazed that at a time when they could take “all the money for themselves” that they are likewise raising support for all of their neighbors on Potter Street. This is the Way of Jesus. Click here to … Continue reading