A Thrill of Hope, the Weary World Rejoices

I am grateful for this day. I am so glad this one baby was born. [Holga I did not take, by aiisuki & rachel a.k.]

Stealing away to the Pacific NW

Sometimes it’s good for your heart to change the scenery a bit.  Next stop: Portland –> Spokane –> Seattle [Holga, I did not take, by katherine lynn]

Things to do on your Birthday

I had a birthday this week.  I did some fun things.  I like life. 1. Order 55 fish tacos for you and some friends. 2. Wave at a clown on 6th street. 3. Drive with all the windows down to the coffee shop. 4. Watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” projected on your living … Continue reading

I’m Hosting a House Show July 5th. And You Should Come.

I remember being on a summer porch in Portugal five years ago and listening to Trevor play me his first songs.  It was midnight and we were drinking tea. I would be most honored if you joined us on the evening of July 5th to drink tea (and perhaps some red wine) and enjoy the … Continue reading

Stretch Out Your Arms to Rest; or, a Prayer Advance + Brewery Tour

Maybe it’s the New Year, maybe it’s the weather, maybe it was the sacredness of hearing Justin and Danielle say their homemade vows to each other last weekend, but everything in me said it is time to have an intentional pause in my life. This weekend I booked a night at a nice bed & … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mama Rose! (& Happy Summer Solstice)

[ Holga, I did not take, by GarrettRiffal ]

Fire the Works

Happy 2010. The East coast owns the hooray and celebratory fireworks from NYC so we salute the rest of the world and her timezones. It is finally twenty ten. I am glad we can go back to speaking of our years in two paired friends. All of those unnecessary syllables we endured in the first … Continue reading

An Old Photo Upon Turning Thirty

I have probably posted this photo before by J. Heineman, but it landed as my rotating desktop image this birthday morning and gave me pause.  This is, in part, why we have birthdays.  The momentary pauses collect us. If you know me, you probably suspect I have a kinship with this photo because of the … Continue reading

4/ I Remember Thinking I Wanted to Be Married at Age 21ish

I clearly remember being in my adolescent (read: awkward) years and being fairly certain that by the time I was done with college, I would be married. I also remember graduating college and thinking something similar of my mid-twenties. Reflecting on such things now, I just sort of laugh inwardly and think yep-I-was-out-of-my-mind. No mean … Continue reading

Haircuts and Jesus as a Punkista Portuguese Stylist

Today I went to my stylist Alex and asked him to please give me a much shorter haircut than normal.  I’d like something crazier and fun but please, I can’t be bothered to use a “flat-iron” or whatever you call those things, so just make it easy for me to work with. Alex: But why … Continue reading