A Thrill of Hope, the Weary World Rejoices

I am grateful for this day. I am so glad this one baby was born. [Holga I did not take, by aiisuki & rachel a.k.]

I’m Hosting a House Show July 5th. And You Should Come.

I remember being on a summer porch in Portugal five years ago and listening to Trevor play me his first songs.  It was midnight and we were drinking tea. I would be most honored if you joined us on the evening of July 5th to drink tea (and perhaps some red wine) and enjoy the … Continue reading

Streams for Friday | Wells, Praise Goh

I used to make it a semi-discipline to write out a “stream” of thought every Sunday.  It is Friday.  I felt I needed one today.  There is more lingering in the back of my mind than I realize. I’ll tell you something.  I do not wish to be one who attends memorial services and then … Continue reading


I have been tutoring a bit more than normal these days, among other things. Today I had the joy of explaining how to use a semi-colon appropriately to my brilliant South Korean student. I discovered today that hidden within the proper usage of our dear semi-colon is a metaphor for romantic relationships. Who knew punctuation … Continue reading

Resolved: Throw More [Pasta-Making] Parties

Last year I threw a homemade pasta-making party with my house church.  We made tons of fettucini and ravioli with our bare hands. We laughed. We had long conversations. We didn’t eat until 10pm, pretending we lived in southern Europe.  Lauren just put the photos up on Facebook.  The photos reminded me how much joy … Continue reading

And All Manner Of Thing Shall Be Well

Photo by the lovely Darrelle Good, who has been blogging from Munich, and who will train to Vienna tomorrow today and meet me as my flight tomorrow lands me back into the arms of Europe’s sister Winter.  We will move from Vienna and run around Switzerland and stay with a lovely friend for a few … Continue reading

17/ I Remember Only Observing Heartbreaks

For a variety of reasons of which I will not spin out here, I have never experienced the heartbreak of a painful breakup.  I have only observed the heartbreaks of others’,  a stance that is still painful for the other, but still admittedly detached. I do not understand, therefore, why all of my favorites songs … Continue reading

10/ I Remember Making the Decision to go to UMBC; or, Hospitality Saves the Day

I remember being a senior in high school and having to make that awful decision: Where to go to college.  I remember being disappointed that my top schools either wait-listed me, rejected me, or were-heinously-too-expensive-for-me. I remember having a minor tantrum as we drove up to Baltimore to interview for the final round of the … Continue reading

3/ I Remember the Ocean in Estoril

Copyright 2009 JesusBranded I remember the year(s) in Portugal when my heart was cracked and dry. I needed to run near the ocean every day in order to clear my head to hear God. And over and over the waters whispered that times of refreshing would come to me.   And I believed them because … Continue reading

Calling All Anonymous Gift-Givers

You may have heard by now that two LA firefighters were killed in the midst of being heroes in the Station Fire: Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones.   The community of folks reading the Altadena Blog has found out that Arnie has a wife who is soon due to have a baby. If you would like … Continue reading