Live Blog: Linnea – Freedom through Limits // Discovering or Creating?

Note: These questions and answers will not be directly transcripted word-for-word but more idea-for-idea. Question: What was the question at the Hollywood premiere that stumped you? Linnea’s Answer: A woman there who was a mathmetician. When professional scientists and mathmeticians say they look at my work and understand it, it’s very gratifying to me. Many … Continue reading

Live Blogging from Pasadena Film Premiere: Linnea – Freedom through Limits

I’m so thrilled to be reviving the blog in order to introduce you to this phenomenal short film, Linnea: Freedom through Limits.  Linnea Gabriella Spransy is an acclaimed artist whose work has been exhibited both across the USA and internationally.  She is also on the leadership team of the Kansas City 24-7 prayer boiler room, … Continue reading

day 16 / lindsay

Earlier this month, Lindsay and Ryan from the “Wilder” 24-7 prayer team came through Pasadena.  They are road-tripping to different universities in order to stir up students to pray, and just see where God takes them.  It was very nice to go hiking with them, to share some meals with them, and to hear some … Continue reading

I Remember Learning That Prayer Ought Not Be Boring

It happened in a tiny room, on the second floor of an office, in 2004.  We’d transformed a veritable four-walled cubicle into a cathedral, as we set aside a space for our first 24-7 prayer experiment.   And I learned that when a community attempts to cover every hour in prayer–for one full week–that things happen.  … Continue reading

People Shouldn’t Be Bought & Sold

Make a step towards becoming an Abolitionist. Today is the last day to vote for Justice for Children International on the Myspace Impact awards. JFCI is a close friend of 24-7 Prayer and Stop the Traffik, and they are doing marvelous things to stop the buying and selling of children in the global sex-trade. (And … Continue reading

24-7 Prayer Musings

We’re about 50 hours into our week of prayer. Here are my current musings: 1. Sometimes it’s easier for me to be honest by banging out wordless prayers on a djembe or on guitar strings than it is for me to mutter things aloud to God. 2. Maybe some folks who aren’t as sensory-oriented sometimes … Continue reading

24-7 Prayer Week

Yesterday we kicked off a 24-7 Prayer week at my church. Sunday morning about 10 middle and high school kiddos transformed my office into the prayer room while sweating, laughing, and eating Doritos. We’re about 30 hours into it and we’ve had a pretty much unbroken chain of prayer, much to my surprise. This afternoon … Continue reading

Reflections on the 24-7 Prayer Movement

Our church just finished up doing a 40-hour prayer room in my office. Paint, prayers, and holy words are splattered all over the paper covering my walls. They are the earnest prayers of twelve year olds, twenty year olds, and retirees. They are the prayers of families, mamas, and tweens. I never want to take … Continue reading

One Englishman’s View of America

Brian Heasley is the infamous 24-7 Prayer man in Ibiza. I appreciate how honestly and hilariously he blogs about following Jesus in Europe. He’s originally from the UK, but now he walks out a life of prayer, community, and creative mission in Europe’s wildest party isle. You can read about 24-7 Prayer Ibiza here. Brian … Continue reading

Grazie, Tino; 107

The sun is setting on another American Thanksgiving. The infamous “Black Friday” is approaching. (For all of our dear non-American friends, tomorrow is the day in the States when hoards of shopper-bugs descend on shopping malls and stores to get the most tasty Christmas sales. Some even camp out on the streets in the bitter … Continue reading