Nelly says cheers

Name, State Your. D’Alessandro, Jenelle Rose

As, Also Known. Nelly

Metropolis, Current. Los Angeles

Mail, Electronic. freshgreenbeans [at] gmail [dot] com

Prefer, Though I Much. written post

Songs, Most Walked Thru. the Psalms

Book, Most Loved. Letters to a Young Poet | by Rainer Maria Rilke

Green Beans, Favorite Dish With.  hot and spicy szechuan

Utensil, Preferred Ink. Pilot G-2 07 blue

Learned How To, Never. do cartwheels

Get Around, How I.  Toyota Matrix XR Trek 2.1 WSD, Orange.

Golf Ball, Preferred. Titleist Pro-V1

Never Seen, It’s True I’ve.  The Star Wars Trilogy, nor The Lord of the Rings

Italian, Favorite Phrase In. ci vediamo

6 Responses to “”
  1. Jason B says:

    Man, you have traveled all over the place!


  2. from de Cafe says:

    Titleist was by fav golfball b4 i became 2 busy 2 play around.

    What’s your fav course in southern cal?

  3. DarrELLEeeeee says:

    (just so you know, i never learned how to do cartwheels either. i cant do them. its a fatal flaw.)

    : )

  4. wanda says:

    Nelly, where are you?


  5. I am enjoying your pictures and your writings… your blog has a way of making me feel like i’ve been missing someone…. it’s a strange feeling… but, I think I like it….

  6. dianasaur says:

    i agree with steve.

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