Live Blog: Linnea – Freedom through Limits // Editing the Film; Art and Community

Note: These questions and answers will not be directly transcripted word-for-word but more idea-for-idea.

Question (to Justin Goll): How many iterations did you go through in developing this story in re-drafting it?

Justin’s Answer: I really only did 2 drafts. I came into the interview knowing a bit about Linnea. I’d done some research on fractals and such. I was curious where the interview would take us.

We took 4 hours of interviews and boiled it down to 20 minutes in the film.

I wanted to leave the audience with some knowledge of Linnea’s philosophy. It was such a delight to learn about her life–her growing up in an intentional community in Oregon with a common purse, to then being a student at Yale, to starting her own community, and back to her own art.

I wanted to show how the patterns and systems in her art was perhaps reflected in her intentional community and through her life.

I organized the whole of her interviews, had it transcribed, and then organized it around her themes. It’s not chronological, but it deals with things themes Fractals and Cataclysms and Patterns.

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