Live Blog: Linnea – Freedom through Limits // Art and Emotion?

Note: These questions and answers will not be directly transcripted word-for-word but more idea-for-idea.

Question: What’s the emotional process like for you in getting your artistic work done?

Linnea’s Answer:
“Artists are notoriously emotional.”

I really don’t believe in an emotional-inspirational force that we can lean on primarily to lead productive lives.  There must be more.

This is in part what I mean by there being “Freedom through limits.”

In my work and my life, I commit myself to a pattern and give myself to it. There is a sense of apprehension as it grows.

In my art, there is the “middle territory” of just going in and seeing it grow. Towards the last third of the process, I am legitimately taken aback at what I’ve made. It’s a discovery.

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