Oh bikes

It’s been a little over 2 months since my bike was stolen and I’m missing it.  On days like today when the sun is a perfect, my legs just want to ride up into the hills beyond the Rose Bowl and breathe.  (Fact: I was made for sunny days.)

The week the Trek disappeared from the Metro station (NYC Fuggedabout lock and all) I set up a Google Alert on its exact specs, just in case the thief was silly enough to try to Craigslist it locally.

I didn’t hear anything initially, but lately I keep getting these email alerts from other cities that the bike is selling for $700-$1000.  And it’s starting to hurt my heart a bit!  Dang, Treks retain their value.  One day I’ll replace you, little guy.  Le sigh.

( photo by richardmasoner)

One Response to “Oh bikes”
  1. Chuck Norton says:

    Holy crap yes. I miss my bike that was just stolen so much. Don’t give up on riding though. Hopefully we’ll get you another one soon enough!

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