Streams for Friday | Wells, Praise Goh

I used to make it a semi-discipline to write out a “stream” of thought every Sunday.  It is Friday.  I felt I needed one today.  There is more lingering in the back of my mind than I realize.

I’ll tell you something.  I do not wish to be one who attends memorial services and then cries and holds each other and then forgets.  The Fuller community lost an ocean of a woman when Praise Goh died suddenly a few weeks ago.  Even those of us who hardly knew her can feel a measure of the distant ripples of pain left by her absence.  There is a collective desire to take a deep breath and move on, and that is good.  But I would like to always be a space that says remember.  However that might work, I want it.

One Response to “Streams for Friday | Wells, Praise Goh”
  1. ELLERRAD says:

    i like your streams of thought.

    and your wisdom and goodness. I love you very much.

    blessings over your community.

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