30 Adventures (Sneak Preview)

As you probably remember, I am trying to visit 30 new places in my 30th birth year. I am a bit behind, as it is month #4 and I’ve only visited 4/30 new spots. But oh, I believe this falcon can do it, still.

I will be chronicling the 30 stops on a separate site, just for the sake of continuity. (Also, just for the sake of Nelly-really-loves-new-creative-spaces.)

It is not finished yet, but here’s the sneak preview of my Roadmap: http://30adventures.tumblr.com [once you’re there: click on the little boxes and such.]

3 Responses to “30 Adventures (Sneak Preview)”
  1. Rachel! says:

    My sister lives in Austin!

  2. May says:

    Hey Jenelle,
    When you make it to WA and BC let me know! I would love to see you and catch up. If you need a place to stay you are welcome to stay with me. I moved to Seattle in September.

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