Holga, I Did Not Take; In Between the Hot Springs and the Ocean

There is a spot in the provence of Palawan (Philippines) where the hot springs meet the ocean.  I have never been to the Philippines, but this print felt familiar to me.

I think I am on the cusp of something in my work.  I am an entrepreneur.  I wear many hats.  I love my job because it is sometimes very difficult to define, and yet, it depends on me taking risks and acting on big ideas.  If I am to make money, I have to dream.  And then I have to make those dreams happen.

Things are a bit more slow these days with my clients.  Projects ebb and flow like the ocean.  But I am feeling grateful in this moment for the hot springs of idea-making.  I feel I’ve been allowed  the time to dream.  It feels holy.  I know that God is near.  And it is scary.

It is late into the night but I am transcribing an interview for a music podcast.  I’ve never met these podcast people but they had sent out a tweet asking for free help, and so I said “yes” to a short little random project.  Turns out the band they are interviewing is–you guessed it–another husband/wife duo.  (I love these types.) They are both trained visual artists and they are talking at length about the creative process.  They use words like “symbiotic” in reference to parenting and to song-writing.  They have had tons of house concerts and love to invite people into their living room.

I am thinking of the Blue House.  I am thinking of the never-ending dream and of welcoming people into the music.  I don’t know where these prayers and ideas end, but I want it all.

[ Holga by Jan Isaac ]

5 Responses to “Holga, I Did Not Take; In Between the Hot Springs and the Ocean”
  1. jas loves you says:

    YAY Philippines 🙂

    miss you, love you nelly.
    hope you are well.

  2. idelette says:

    So lovely to meet you, Jenelle. I look forward to reading many more of your posts. Peace.

  3. idelette says:

    Oh, I forgot to say: I love your post. Beautiful! I hear the yearning, the dreaming, your heart to give … and to go Big. You go, girl!

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