Last Thoughts on Genesis 1-16

I wish we still named our children (or nicknamed our friends, for that matter) with a prophetic word, speaking over people what we dream God will do through them (5:29).

I love these parts of the Bible where it’s mostly a mystery.  Enter: The Nephilim. (6:4)  Makes me want to read more Madeleine L’Engle novels.

On the whole, our culture is bereft of real covenants.  We may not even have a true cultural translation for what happens between God and Noah, and between God and Abram (6:18; 9:9-10; 12:1-3).

I like that when God tells Abram a secret, Abram builds an altar to remember it (12:7).  And then Abram comes back to it later (13:4) and talks to God there.

Melchizedek’s foreshadowing of Jesus is nice, with all that priestly bread and wine and blessing (14:18-20).

As far as I can tell, Hagar the handmaid is the first to rename God. I like this.

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