Thoughts on Genesis 1-16

I’m sure I don’t actually have to say this, but as I scribble out these notes do feel free to:  (a) argue with me, (b) attempt to answer my questions, (c) ask better questions, (d) pontificate on why I’m matching these random Holga prints with these verses, (e) and so on and so forth.  (If you’re just checking in, this is part of a Read the Bible in 90 Days adventure that I’m doing with friends.  Join us.)

My Thoughts on Genesis 1-16

1. God separates and orders everything. He really likes order.

2. God also really likes Beauty and us eating well.  These are the sorts of trees he first put for us in the Garden: ones that were nice to look at, and ones that were good for eating.  Genesis 2:9

3. “Imaging” himself in humans/”adam” makes sense to me when I think of digital imaging and new technologies.

4. Art and Beauty = “filling the earth.”  I understand this command to fill the earth as the great cultural mandate: to create things that are beautiful.  Which includes (but isn’t just) making babies.

5. Work was part of the original order, before anyone turned away from God. Genesis 2:15

6. Rest/Sabbath is meant to be a blessing.

Q: 7. What’s the curse between the woman and snake all about?  What does all this enmity really mean?

7.5.  I would like to write a poem about Jubal.

Q: 8. Genesis 7:2 Why is there no real explanation of “clean” vs. “unclean” animals?  I’m guessing because the original readers already knew what this meant.

9. Rainbows are a sign for GOD to remember. Genesis 9:16

10. Making “altars” and stopping to remember are huge.  I need more of these in my life.

Q: 11. What does it mean to “invoke the Name of the LORD” Genesis 12:8

Q: 12. What’s up with Sarah here in Genesis 12:11 and then the bit in 1 Peter 3:6 about her being the model of a woman?  It doesn’t seem very beautiful to lie (manipulate situations), after all.

Q: 13. It seems like God’s promise to Hagar’s son-to-be-born is more painful than hopeful, doesn’t it? Genesis 16:12

[ Seattle buildings // Holga // June 2009 ]

2 Responses to “Thoughts on Genesis 1-16”
  1. I love love love love you.

    Thank you for thinking of these things and wanting to question and having good words and being honest and insightful. I CANT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS IN JUST OVER A WEEK.

    • Jenelle says:

      D, I cannot wait, either! Tell those cobblestones that I’m coming. I am tremendously enjoying your blog posts from over there in Deutschland. I love you a great many times over.

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