Reading through the Bible [with Friends]

Late last summer my friend Janneke sent an email to our house church that basically read:

I want to read through the bible with you people.  Let’s try to do it.  Let’s try to do it in this crazy 90 day plan that I just found.

So a couple of us went for it.  It took about 45 minutes each day.  And it was super refreshing to read through big gobs of Scripture at once.  I had a little moleskine journal in which I’d make lists of my Nelly-commentary notes and questions for each day.

I was so engaged in it all and sometimes accidentally in tears at how the Spirit met me in those pages.  It was lovely.

True.  As a group we were feeling pretty good about our crazy pace until we each (inevitably?) hit some wall.  For me it was Leviticus.

Well, we’re starting up again.  Let’s have another go, yeah?

And. I’ve decided to extend the invitation to you, my quiet, neglected readers.

If you would like to read through the Bible in 90 days (or any attempt near-to-such), please do join me.  I think it will be good for us.

(You can read and take notes online and keep up with it here, on this nice interface, if you like.)

I will be replicating my unpolished reading notes on this blog.  Thanks, moleskine!

Maybe in the end I’ll have a long list of observations and questions that will cross the ocean of God’s words like skyscrapers cross cities.  And we will paint the edges of that bridge with all sorts of graffiti and wondering.

3 Responses to “Reading through the Bible [with Friends]”
  1. I’d really like to try this Janelle! Let me know how you are going to go about it!

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