Wonky Wednesdays / CPR Edition

Now that the blog has been sufficiently resuscitated, we bring the link-n-logs of Wonky Wednesday.

1. Wanted: Girl’s who know how to use apostrophe’s.

2. How to do CPR on an adult [short You Tube].  You know.  Just in case.

3. Polarize, my favorite iPhone app for making faux-polaroids.

4. The magic behind  how Shazam figures out your music…that iPhone app you likely often forget to use but is most worthily crowned as Awesome.

5. You know it’s going to be a promising day when a rainbow shows up accidentally on the subway.

6. A slideshow of how Los Angeles came to be.

7. Dates have just been announced for Coachella 2010, though the line-up hasn’t yet been fully announced.   New this year, and slightly amazing, Coachella is selling 3-day passes on Layaway.

[Yes, I really want to go to Coachella this year.  If you like music, you should come too and we can camp there.]

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