Bloggy CPR

0. Well hello.

1.  I’ve made the trek from Los Angeles to DC for the holidays.

2. Virgin America is the bomb dot com because they gave me free WIFI on the plane.

3. Since this is one of my first posts since turning 30, I played with the “shadow” editing on iPhoto to exaggerate my awesome silver highlights for you in this aeroplane self-portrait.

4. It scares me that I almost went ONE WHOLE MONTH without blogging.  Some say one month of no posts equals a dead blog.  So glad to send in the EMTs with this post.

5. I will soon be embarking on a somewhat insane adventure of visiting 30 new cities in my 30th year.  Elise gave me the idea.  Now I must run with it.

6. I have a large stack of recently developed Holga photos to scan in for you.  It just takes so much time that I keep putting it off.  (Someone please tell my exceedingly good looking male secretary to come back from his holiday in Seychelles already.)

7. I have a dumb cold.  Immunity #Fail.

8. Zeppe would like to show you his favorite toy, Eeore.

9. How did I forget how much I enjoy making lists?

10. Thank you for not abandoning my blog even in the midst of its slow and terrible demise.  This is a resuscitation post.  And go.

3 Responses to “Bloggy CPR”
  1. Agent B says:

    If that’s the criteria for a dead blog, then mine’s coma toast.

    Facebook killed the radio star.

  2. Rachel says:

    Glad to see you back! My blog died over a year ago and the EMT’s never made it…so I’m REALLY glad they got to you.

    On another note, I would like to hear the story of Zeppe. Is he your very own puppy?

  3. I love the photo. And Arusha will be one of your cities, dear. Regarding bloggville, I’ve let my blog sit for 2 weeks. I’ve not done that before. Have needed to process alone for a while.

    Tonight it’s fresh tropical fruits and popcorn and The West Wing. You should be here to tell me all about DC.

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