Wonky Wednesdays: Polar Bears, Deos, and Books

I hate it when polar bears die at the zoo and the new ones seem a bit odd.

Hate that your deo is filled with that yucky aluminum?  Here’s a list of the best organic deodorants that allegedly still work.

The New Oxford American Dictionary has made their biggest announcement of the year.  The 2009 word of the year is officially: “unfriend.”

Feeling rejectamundo? Here’s a list of 14 bestsellers that were each rejected at least 15 times by publishers before they got the good turn.  (Most surprising: Mad. L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time and James Joyce’s Dubliners.)

You say you want to read a decent book?  Here’s the UK’s Times Online’s  Top 100 Best Books of the Decade. (Interesting list.  But weird.  I’d quibble with their heinously putting Salman Rushdie’s work right next to Twilight.)

Lastly, as it is my birthday week, I offer you an old Tarantella from my great-grandparent’s Napoli.  Because it’s kind of awesome.

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