Wonky Wednesdays: Edition 10/14/09

Welcome to Wednesday.  Now get wonky.

It’s probably high time that you call your Grandpa and tell him you love him.  He’s probably just as much a hero as this guy, in his own way.

Here’s an article in Scientific American that suggests thinking about (or actually) falling in love makes one more creative.

If you ever do get to meet my dog, Zeppe, you might find him slightly more endearing than this puppy.

FTW = Twitter lingo for “For the Win.”  If you are behind in your Web 2.0 etymology, you might need this.

Insound.com is pretty much awesome.  Here is their latest free 15 mp3 sampler. File under: indie, neohipster, PBR.

If you exist anywhere near that musical filing cabinet, you probably would also like to know that Brian Eno has released his 2nd (yes, 2nd) iPhone app.

Last but not least, paying homage to Qdoba, here is some killer Burrito trivia.

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