17/ I Remember Only Observing Heartbreaks


For a variety of reasons of which I will not spin out here, I have never experienced the heartbreak of a painful breakup.  I have only observed the heartbreaks of others’,  a stance that is still painful for the other, but still admittedly detached.

I do not understand, therefore, why all of my favorites songs have historically been breakup songs.

The Local Natives are a outlandishly fun band from Silverlake in LA.  I like them.  I also really like this (“I want you baaack”) song of theirs’, “Airplanes,” and I welcome you to psychoanalyze such strange preferences in me.

(Holga by Bastet)

One Response to “17/ I Remember Only Observing Heartbreaks”
  1. Harold says:

    It seems like the vast majority of songs are about love, and so often inspired by unrequited love or breakup or some type of obstacle to love.

    Okay, I’m not saying much, really, am I?

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