11/ I Remember 9/11

I remember watching the second tower fall.  Then I remember the frantic phone calls I fielded from family.  I remember going to a campus-wide conversation in which our incredibly diverse student population did their best to talk out what had just happened.

I remember a Muslim young woman behind a microphone looking into all of our eyes, saying, “We are not your enemies.”

Mostly I remember how 9/11 caused me to start paying closer attention to International news.  I remember it teaching me that America’s decisions on the world stage were/are deeply affecting millions of people, for good or for evil.

I remember being challenged to take seriously what Jesus taught: blessed are the peacemakers.  And: forgive.

One Response to “11/ I Remember 9/11”
  1. James says:

    Such a concise post to hold so much. Thanks for writing.

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