Wonky Wednesdays: Edition 09/09/09

I give you Wonky Wednesdays, the day in which I share wonky and wonderful links.  I might make a tradition out of this.

Mucho grazie for your kind prayers and wonderings about the Station Fire in Pasadena’s foothills.  No evacuations necessary.  Fire is still burning at over 160,000 acres but now is 62% contained.  No one saw this coming, though.

Interactive posters rule.  Especially with truths like this one: The Future Belongs to the Dirty Hands.

A race car built out of recyclables that runs on a healthy diet of chocolate and veggies. This sounds legit.

Give this compelling site a chance to load and put on your headphones.

There’s also the American Health Care Debate as explained on 4 Napkins.

Threadless makes wonky t-shirts, some quite art-ridden.  In honor of the Nines, today (only) their whole lot is on sale for $9, which is rad.

This kid Jonah has a t-shirt that I would really like to own.  Here is one of his movie reviews:

Wonky Wednesdays is inspired by: C. Wess Daniels and his Dress Down Friday and Tyler Braun’s cleverly named Fortuitous Bouncing days.  And of course, inspired by kittens.

2 Responses to “Wonky Wednesdays: Edition 09/09/09”
  1. wess says:

    very nice. thanks for the props.

  2. wess says:

    My favorite Seuss was Wacky Wednesdays, another good title still to be used.

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