1/ I Remember Having a College Radio Show


I remember WMBC, AM 560.

Jeff, Nate and I rocked the mic at very odd hours of our UMBC radio days.  We cued up the likes of Starflyer 59, Danielson Family, and other bits and pieces from Tooth and Nail records and their homies.  We’d maybe sometimes play this weird dude with a banjo named Sufjan.  Those were his Enjoy Your Rabbit and A Sun Came days.

We’d endure 2-4 am spots and the occasional 10-midnight, gleefully.  It felt so right.  I’m pretty sure we had a maximum of 4 and one half listeners throughout our tenure there, but it sometimes scored us a free Compact Disc or two.

Also notably, Jeff and Nate’s additions to those radio shows helped heal me of my horrendously poor music tastes pre-freshman year.  Jeff was always heavy on anything with a Hammond organ.  Nate brought the rock, if I remember correctly.  I brought a blank cassette tape because I was always really into recording our shows for our one-day grandchildren.

(Tape photo by Waaah! and/or Tapedeck.org)

4 Responses to “1/ I Remember Having a College Radio Show”
  1. Jeff Conlin says:

    i found and relished in one of those tapes a few years ago… you could tell exactly who was in the studio when just by song choice. Reading the PSAs was my favorite.

    Actually, I just cued up the first T&N sampler I picked up on JLM’s first tour – it was really my first exposure to modern indie rock. Velour100 never fails to put me right back into 1998. It was a good place to be. (Still is)

  2. Jenelle says:

    Yes! And after I became a huge fan of Rosie Thomas’ solo stuff, I was so happy to find out that she was in Velour 100 back in the day. I still remember seeing them at Purple Door Fest in PA right after POD played and somewhere after Danielson and his crazy Family came out dressed in Nurses outfits and Trees.

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Radio Igneous! Or something like that…:-)

    I miss you guys. It was so awesome to have that with the two of you during a time in our lives when much growth and change happened. I still reflect back on the dream we all shared at that time. I still find it relevant, though I’d probably approach it differently today.

    I still listen to some of the bands we played. ❤ Velour. Don't forget the Simple Kidz.

    Press On you two!

    • Jenelle says:


      Those house-churchy Simple Kidz times really saved my life back then. Led me to find a house church in Portugal that then saved my life in Europe for 3 years.

      Remember those Cold War era designs you did for some of our show mini-flyers?

      I think I’d approach those dreams differently today, too, but it was so good to massage them back then.

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