Live Blog: On the One Campaign to End Poverty


J. Mark Brinkmoeller
The One Campaign to End Poverty

His role is to lead the team of NGOs and faith-based partnerships within One. There are about 150 organizations that partner with One to end global poverty.

The power of One is in the collective weight of all its members: 2 million people.

One is a 2 million member campaigning organization. While One doesn’t have any “on the ground” programs, they advocate for change: looking at issues and finding strategic ways they can be handled in society. They hold rallies, they hold meetings, and they communicate to those in power about issues of poverty.

One Campaign Video on How Climate Change is affecting Africa

In 2005 the USA committed to certain goals concerning global aid to combat poverty. One monitors those goals and where the US is “putting its treasure.” In the Fall the “Appropriation Cycle” is coming up–where the government plans for where it puts its money–One helps advocate for such aid as anti-malarials in Africa and clean water issues (c.f. The Water for the World Act currently in Congress).

Next Presentation: Opportunity International

One Response to “Live Blog: On the One Campaign to End Poverty”
  1. Jenelle, cool video, great blog. Your readers might want to sign on to ONE’s campaign for the Water for the World Act:

    There are currently 18 sponsors of the legislation in the Senate (and 68 in the House). Need more… Thanks!

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