Live Blog: Churchy folk on Missional Imagination


Dave Ferguson
New Thing Network

Mark Batterson
National Community Church

Creating a culture in a congregation that challenges people, inspires them, and encourages normal people to carry out their ideas.

Missonal Imagination:
Remembers sitting in a room with lots of pastors with a large amount of influence.  Many who might be deemed “successful” in ministry.  One said: I wonder if our church disappeared if anyone in our community would really notice.  It might sound cliche, but from someone who’d been a pastor for 20 years, he meant it.  Not long after that, this pastor resigned and went into sales.  It seems as if he’d answered his question.

One of the most important things we can do is to help people reach into their own missional imagination.

“When God birthed you, he birthed you with a dream.”

When people really believe that at their core, and are given permission to do that, it becomes a very powerful thing.

As a church, we have one of the greatest volunteer forces anywhere.  We need to release people into God’s dreams and their dreams.

They’ve found that if you show up with a posture of serving, people open doors for you in the community.

“I would rather have a person go on one mission trip then listen to 52 of my sermons.”

Decided they’d tithe their congregation to missions.  Sent 10% of their congregation into mission.  Had a “Holy Mischief Day” and encouraged people to think of creative ways to love their neighbors.

One Response to “Live Blog: Churchy folk on Missional Imagination”
  1. Jim says:

    that was a great talk…even though i was tuning in online I pulled a lot from #icdc…can’t wait for #icpnw in Portland,OR November 11/12

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