Today is Friday, the Last day of July


Today is Friday, the last day of July.  It is also the very last day of my Fuller Seminary classroom career.  I will take a Final exam on Mark’s gospel.  All will be well and all will be well.

I will also move out of my office today.  I might need some extra strong arms to do that.  In not so long, perhaps I will move into a new office.  That will be good.

I brought home from the office my old writing notebook that I started my junior year of college.  It has lots of odds and ends in it.  I want to tie some ends together and resurrect some of those babies.  Maybe this weekend, when I shall be more free.

I have a stack of Holga prints from Seattle and such that I need to scan in to share.  Please remind me to do that.

(Holga by the 2th room)

One Response to “Today is Friday, the Last day of July”
  1. Yes please scan them soon cuz they are always so lovely.

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