Return and Return and Return


It is Wednesday.  On Wednesdays I do yoga.  Also, on Wednesdays the ladies in my house church have Craft Night.  I skipped yoga tonight because Jeana made really wonderful coconut curry with her straight-from-Thailand-very-spicy stash of ingredients.  I did not skip Craft Night.

Here at the table there are two sewing machines ‘a flying.  There are fresh homemade crackers (like Wheat Thins, my favorite) cooling on the counter.  Crochet needles are weaving.  And I am trying to write.

The truth is, I have not let myself do this for awhile.  Sure, I’ll write in my tiny little moleskines from time to time.  But to sit down just to write for fun, to not do some project for a client that pays the proverbial bills, this is becoming hard for me. I’m checking my email to avoid it.  I’m on Facebook, avoiding the thought of avoiding it.

This little splattering of my thoughts is my first attempt to stop avoiding the matter.

If you must know, I think of you all as the old lady above, helping me across the street with your umbrella and kind presence.

(Holga by Buck Lewis)

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