Roadtrip – Leg Wyoming

After a relaxing day two in Salt Lake which included a free concert on the lawn with Jenny Lewis and Bon Iver [happiness], we took off for about 450 miles on I-80 through Wyoming.

Now, Wyoming has been terrifically endeared to me in the last 8 hours of driving, and it’s not just because we saw 5 real live cowboys driving their cattle as we crossed in from Utah. It’s also because this quiet state has been such a pioneer over the years.

Did you know that Wyoming is the least lived-in state in the Union, and was the first to grant womens’ suffrage? It was also the first state with a female governor, too, elected in the tender year of 1925. Her name was Nellie. Nellie T. Ross.

But really, it was the pre-rodeo that we crashed just before leaving Wyoming that did me in with happiness. I talked with a professional rodeo clown and played with his unloved puppy. I spent a whole Holga roll on the horses, cowboys, and the bulls we found there. One bull charged at me after snapping a shot too close. I freaked out and laughed so simultaneously strong that an adrenaline rush sent me headward into an I-love-Wyoming song until we reached Colorado on colourful Rt. 287. We’ll soon pull into Rocky Mountain National Park. Life is good.

5 Responses to “Roadtrip – Leg Wyoming”
  1. I like Wyoming. All the more now for her Nellie-ness.

  2. sue says:

    Dan, Kenz(4 yr), Morgan (1 yr ), & I traveled through Wyoming once and thought they had a strange sense of humor after noticing legs with boots sticking out of the rolled up hay by the side of the road. 🙂 No fences between homes, green grass that went on & on, and sky so blue!!

  3. joy says:

    you should have stayed a little longer and tried out cowboy church! i heart cowboy church!

  4. cari says:

    Jenelle, this is so great, thanks for sharing. This land is so our land.

  5. DarrELLEeeeee says:

    If you don’t update your blog soon I will hunt you down.

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