Roadtrip – Leg Zion and her Narrows


Tuesday morning we were (cue the Sheryl Crow song) leavin’ Las Vegas for Zion National Park. I am not much of a camper and this was my first National Park. I was rewarded with a three hour hike (wade) through the Virgin River and the Narrows of Zion.

Lu and I had to hold hands through most of the rocks and mini currents. At one point she caught me before gracefully face-planting into the river. A nice man saw it happen as we laughed like little girl hyenas and chivalrously gave us his walking stick for the last half of the hike. It was probably Jesus disguised as a slightly awkward Texan father type. Win.

(Photo of Zion Narrows by Cynical Pink)

3 Responses to “Roadtrip – Leg Zion and her Narrows”
  1. mattlumpkin says:

    This is good good good. I wish I were road-trippin.

    Oh, and email me your email if you want a bunch of tasty links to illegal music d/l’s.

  2. sue says:

    Nelly, this is hilarious! 🙂
    Fabulous memories you are making!

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