Goodbye Whidbey

As I’m waving goodbye to Seattle and Whidbey Island, there are a couple of things I’ve learned on this trip.

1. It is a whole ‘nother world riding bicycles around practically deserted islands.
2. Running around the city with a Holga and another friend with a Holga is absolutely delightful.
3. Hiking through the Cascades is lovely, but I should really wear better footwear than flippies.
3. I am terrible at letting boys lead me while swing dancing.
4. Perhaps I am terrible at letting boys lead me in anything?
5. Diners in the middle of the Washington mountains are pretty much awesome.  Maple syrup brats and eggs…yessss.
6. I need to come back to the Pacific NW and just do a coffee tour with Cari Base.  It was weird being in this land without her presence.
7. Buying old art books for 50 cents in thrift stores and then converting them into stationary is divine therapy for me.
8. Also therapeutic = writing, addressing, stamping, and mailing every one of those envelopes–including one to Mama.
9. The clouds in Washington are more beautiful than anywhere I’ve ever encountered.
10. Riding ferries across the Puget Sound is fun.
11. I love having younger brothers in Trevor and Jesse who pretty much treat me like a princess.

3 Responses to “Goodbye Whidbey”
  1. Tyler says:

    Glad you enjoyed your PNW time. I love living here.

  2. Jeff Conlin says:

    I second what Tyler said. It was awesome to see you again, J-dogg. Next time we’ll put good shoes on and maybe see some mountaintops…

  3. sue says:

    Yes, the cascades!! Yes, the swing dancing,…isn’t it a hilarious good time!? Yes, the beautiful mountains! Little girl, that I was, from Northern Stockton, LOVED living in Washington with simple beauty all around me!! Whoa…some 25 years ago, that was…
    YES, to the brothers treating you like the princess you are!! Crazy fights we have had to be the women we want to be! Good, but sometimes we left behind our delicate image of ourselves in exchange.
    So happy for you, Nelly, to have had a taste of goodness on the island! Can’t wait for Holga pics to appear. 🙂

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