Adeus, Los Angeles


I am at LAX awaiting my delayed Southwest Airlines flight to Seattle.  I so need this little mini-holiday from the madness that has been my last 3-6 months.  By night’s fall I shall be welcomed onto Whidbey Island with hugs and hoorays from Jesse and Trevor Borden and the funky bunch.  Yesterday I had to say a yucky goodbye to J and T’s beautiful Mama and Daddy, as they’re headed back to Tanzania.  Today before I headed to the airport I said one last goodbye to my dear friend Carrie, who’s moving to Austin to be a pastor of artists.  Too many yucky goodbyes for one week.

Goodbye, pause, Hello.  I need more of those.

(Amazing flight emergency card housed by Safety Mania)

One Response to “Adeus, Los Angeles”
  1. DorRae says:

    Hi there, tell me more about Carrie, you know I live right outside of Austin!

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