One Small Leap for Her Kind


Today is the first day in which I am a full-time independent copywriter and editor.  No longer just a “side-thing” in between graduate school and various other little part-time jobs, this feels like my taking a big leap from a beautiful tree.  I am barefoot and excited.

(Hand-painted holga print by Laura Burlton)

5 Responses to “One Small Leap for Her Kind”
  1. Alicia says:

    Go for it! Love the image!

  2. Brody Bond says:

    Get it.

    Heck of a photo. Where did you find that?

    Seriously, this is awesome news and I can’t wait to see where you go.

  3. Jumping out of the tree! Here’s to that!

  4. a.j.n. says:

    i know a nother pair of bare feet that would love to join you…
    just sayin’.

  5. a.j.n. says:

    i plan on seeing you friday &saturday of that weekend, if possible.
    slumber party?

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