And I Say Hello


I have a tendency of late to move into spaces in which people are awfully transient.  International communities in Portugal, graduate programs in California, these homes for me have borders lined with goodbyes.  I began this blog three years ago in part to meander through all of the goodbyes and hellos of the hour.

“Hello,” said Me was meant to be some sort of quirky antidote to the blues of the “Goodbye,” said You.  Incidentally, I am not certain I have gotten much better at the latter.

This week I am planting more than too many goodbye hugs on the edges of my days.  My little heart feels as if it needs a full-body massage.  But there are lights even in the bluest of skies, I know.  I know.

(Photo: “Rest and be Thankful” by Karen Withak)

One Response to “And I Say Hello”
  1. We woke up this morning feeling sad about the goodbyes our week holds.

    Sigh. Goodbyes suck. 😦

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