In retrospect, the last week or so has been above average in its interesting quotient.

1.  Last Thursday night I caught up with Rachel C. (aka “The Only Living Girl in NYC”) for the first time in 2 years and continued to wonder if she and I should just try to switch lives for a few weeks.  I’ve always wanted to be a brilliant photographer in New York, so I feel like her life would work well for me.  We had sushi and crashed the limitless party at the legendary Dresden downtown.  You know, the little lounge from that scene in Swingers with Vince Vaughn (“You’re so money and you don’t even know it”).  Marty and Elayne are probably older than your grandparents and have been the Dresden’s lounge singing act 6 nights a week for the last 27 years.  We sat next to their stage.  It was pretty much awesome.

2. Next morning I went to a “silent retreat” for my Spirituality class at a beautiful monastery that looked like it belonged in Italy.  I tried to put aside my jealousies that Elise was really in Italy at the time and soaked up the breezy rest.   Too bad I was so tired from being out the night before that I was afraid to shut my eyes too long in meditative prayer.  I did spend some nice time in the Psalmies and just sat with God for awhile.  That was good.  I should do a retreaty thing like that once a month.  I once did such things.

2.5.  Friday night ended with some awesome/awkward white boy hip hop as Vice with Vice tore it down outside Fuller’s Coffee shop.  They dropped some clever refs amongst the boom-shaka-lakas.  Good times and Fa-la-la-la-lujeah.

3. That same weekend I also found a new Thai restaurant in Pasadena named Daisy Mint.  I went three nights in a row with different groups of people.  It is a thai version of a restaurant I would own if I owned a restaurant.  Ergo, I went three nights in a row.

4. Saturday an all-girl wrecking crew packed up my dear friend Sarita’s apartment into a U-haul and into a very shady second story self-storage unit.  (We then made homemade caiparinhas to celebrate our moving skills.)  She is going to Papua New Guinea to do her Ph.d research for four months.  I miss her already.

4.5. I then sent away all of my Holga film shot from Westmont’s graduation.  Glad it shalll be developed in a few days.

5.  I also enjoyed both tea and Thai food with the ever-wonderful and I wish they’d stay in Pasadena forever, Byron and Lisa Borden.  Their kind hearts delivered Darrelle’s hot Jeep to me all the way from Santa Barbara.  I am now mobile by petrol, no longer only fueled by burritos.

6.  On Monday I worked a double-shift at the coffee shop and encountered some young people who said incredulously, and I quote, wait-this-is-coffee-that-you-have-to-PAY-for?

7.  Mid-week I wrote hefty philosophical papers on things such as Alasdair Macintyre and theological ones on what does the Kingdom of God consist of, anyway.

7.5.  For about six hours on Tuesday I was absolutely sure I was going to win round-trip tickets to Paris care of STA Travel Agency’s crazy promotion.  I did not, in fact, win them, but I think it is cute that I somehow let myself be excited to think it would definitely happen.  It felt nice to dream effortlessly like a little girl wide-eyed for a few hours.

8.  Last night I had a surprise late night date with Kristin Webster, my old college friend with the hottest short hair cut around who is the youngest girl I know with a Ph.d in Mathematics.  She’s interviewing for a teaching job so she and her artist husband Gideon might move here.  This makes me want to jump for joy.

9.  I went to the dentist and found out that I have just one baby cavity.

10.  My jaywalking ticket came.  $164.

11.  I am reading a book for one of my classes called Armchair Mystic.  Inspite of its dumb cover it is really wonderful and I want to send a copy to each one of you for what it is teaching me about how to talk to God.  Jesuit priests know what’s up.

12.  I have exciting new projects for my side-job copywriting gig including Twitter consultations for businesses and learning how to be an expert grant-writer.  Hooray!

3 Responses to “Retrospecting”
  1. cari says:

    Oh, these are all great things, Jenelle! Except the cavity, but that’s nice it’s just a baby. And the ticket. For jaywalking! That is ridiculous!! I was fully convinced I will win a trip to Iran when I sent away the form from the British Museum on Tuesday. Now I realize I may not, but hey, you never know. One week this September, and with a friend! Love you and miss you–xoxo from London!

  2. drastrelli says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this blog post, Nelly! I have resolved to use the word “Ergo” as many times as possible this week, for I cannot remember ever using it in my life and it has a curious and deliberate charm about it. 🙂 Also, I love lists, ERGO my list-loving parts relished in the formatting. 🙂 beautiful!

    It has been oh-so-long since our last conversation and I am missing your chuckle. 🙂 Let’s chuckle together sometime soon over the tele, mmmK? That would bring a smile to my face.

  3. drastrelli says:

    Also, I LOVE the name Gideon!

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