Things I Do Not Like: #0512


Warning: A Little Ranty

I do not like that drivers so often underestimate how fast I am going on my bike, and that their assumptions mean sometimes-scary near collisions.  It is not that I am a speed-racer, but gravity does cause a road bike to go fast down hills.  And sometimes that speed is needed for getting to places on time.

This morning I was running late for my 8:00 class.  I’d woken up early to finish a lengthy assignment on the Gospel of John, but didn’t finish until ten minutes before class began.  It takes me 15-20 minutes to bike to class from Altadena.

I have a racing-type bike and I ride in traffic on the far right side of the lane (as cyclists are supposed to do…sidewalks are actually illegal.)  There are a couple of intersections I must frequent in which car-drivers are particularly cheeky: at Mountain and at Lake. If you are the praying sort, pray that Jesus continues to protect me on my daily commutes, particularly at these two intersections.

Today at Mountain, I was coming down the hill through a green light at normal (but high) speed for a hill when a driver coming from the opposite direction was trying to turn left across my path.  I looked towards her car and tried to emphatically shake my head “NO,” as often helps, because I knew it would be a near collision.  She turned anyway.  Fortunately, she’d decided to stop half-way into the intersection.  Accident averted.  But it was a little close.

Maybe someone should tell her that it is National Bike to Work Week.

I will have to join with the rest of humanity and try not to be rushing from point A to point B.  I’m also going to try following this advice and to wave a flamboyant “hello” to turning drivers instead of just shaking my head at them.  I am grateful to be in one piece.

(Photo by Imagined Reality)

One Response to “Things I Do Not Like: #0512”
  1. Tyler says:

    oh can i relate. cars never give me respect even though I can keep up quite well.

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