Just a Boy; Most Vivid Dreams within Dreams

The sound of this little song by Angus (and Julia) Stone reminds me of Dane’s voice, as he’s on the other side of the world, living on a farm near the girl he loves.  Good man.

Unrelated to Dane, it also reminds me that I am not so much a sucker for men who play the guitar, since they’re a dime a dozen. But I am a sucker for ones who play the harmonica (nicely) while playing the guitar.  I had a massive crush on a boy in college who could do that.


I had a dream within a dream last night.  I was in a conglomerate-version of my hometown, and I got word that there was a man preying on all the women in some way.  I found him out, confronted him, and stuck my finger in his face while shouting at him.  I was very angry, making use of expletives I don’t usually use in real life, but have been surfacing in my dreams lately.  I punctuated the confrontation with, “You, mister, are just a CREEPER!”

Then I felt all sort of Jesusy compassion for the guy and asked him his name.

Meanwhile, the girl he was chatting up was posting photos on Facebook about the whole thing, with highschoolish captions.  She was pretty unaffected, apparently.

Then I was outside of that dream–but still dreaming–telling Lisa Borden about it.  She was trying to help analyze it (and me).

I’m fairly certain that confrontations make up the subject of my dreams at least 7 out of 10 nights.  Maybe I should go to Law school, or something ridiculous.

2 Responses to “Just a Boy; Most Vivid Dreams within Dreams”
  1. A “dweam wiv-in a dweam.” Nice! I like that I was analyzing the dweam and the dweamer. “Look who knows so much!”

    Hmmm, but now I’m really thinkin’… why is Nelly confronting in her dweams?

    I will have to noodle this…

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