A Non-o-Biography

I think our generation enjoys the word “spork.”

It’s been said I’m destined to marry a good-looking dork.  I do sometimes listen to Björk.  I was also born in New York.

I don’t understand the winds of Santa Ana.  If we’re in the OT, I want to hope like Hannah.  Short haircuts enjoy red bandanas.

I have lunched at the leaning tower of Pisa.  In Portugal I waited four years for a visa.  Every Italian girl has two Aunt Teresas.

(Video by Boat Safety Films)

4 Responses to “A Non-o-Biography”
  1. Today we watched a football game, though soccer is its US name. Those Man U jerks kept my boys from fame. I guess you can call me an Arsenal dame.

    I find the US kind of confusing. My roots, it seems, I am always losing. “Where is home?” I’m always musing.

    I like that you are my well-travelled friend. This journey we’re on is full of bends. Let’s hold hands until the end the end.

  2. PS No good reason to double “the end.” Not for drama or some new trend. Just a typo, dearest friend.

  3. Jenelle says:

    I particularly enjoy the end end part. Sounds like a cheesy echo on a white lady rap. I like you so much.

  4. You callin’ me cheesy? (I like you so much, too.)

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