Perfume is No Mask


I would like to be as serene as a delicate sailboat.  But today I am more like a thundercloud with tense misty muscles waiting to rain.  And I can’t hide that I’m sweating.

There are too many things happening in and around my life these days to fully feel them all.  And that is making my back feel tense and angry.  I do not know what to do with this.

Today I went to the gym to try and read furiously for my Neuro-Ethics class while maybe simultaneously de-stressing my body.  I’m not sure it worked, but it is at least a step in the right direction.  I learned this day that I could read articles about Latent Semantic Analysis while sweating not-quite-profusely-but-still-sufficiently, change out of my gym clothes, hydrate, leave the locker room seven minutes before my class begins and still be on time.

I also learned that when I spray perfume directly on my sweat, the invisible mixture of body chemicals somehow intensifies the pungency of the perfume.  Sorry, Neuro-ethics class.  I really didn’t mean to make you sneeze, guy who lives two seats in front of me.  It is easy to overcompensate with fragrant shieldy-things when you’re trying to seem normal, not so sweaty and yucky and having mini-meltdowns with inner freak-out sessions.  Funny the things that become accidental masks and metaphors.

(Photo by Megathron)

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