There Will Be Poems


I am going to write a poem about this photo by midnight.  I thought I’d invite you to write one, first, and share it.

It is now after midnight, predictably.  I found a spare business card with a back so bare.


Feel free to still join in, as well.  If you write it on your blog, just leave a link.  Otherwise, scribble in the comments below.

Any style or substance is allowed.

[ Photo by Simplebitsdan on Flickr / HT: @monkeysplat on Twitter. ]

6 Responses to “There Will Be Poems”
  1. Melissa says:

    I have posted my response on my blog here:

    Thanks for the challenge Nelly. I needed a reason to let out the words I’ve been keeping inside.

  2. Melissa says:

    absolutely lovely. striking.

  3. When will I ever see life clearly?
    When will I know my future?
    It’s like I am standing on the shore
    I know it’s going to be beautiful
    yet it’s blurred
    will it ever come?
    blurred beauty of the future
    I wait for focus
    Clarfiy, intensify
    life is blurred

  4. Rachel says:

    “Hello,” said Rachel. “Where is Jenelle?”

  5. Jenelle says:

    thanks for being so quick to respond. Your new blog is really lovely, as is your haiku.

    @Brian in Ibiza,
    I love your transparency. It runs all through your blog, better than anyone I know. And it runs down your nice poem.

    I like you.

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