Well; What to Draw Out

I’m not sure how to relate the last six weeks or so, since the start of my Holga marathon.  I have seen a lot of health and a lot of the uglies.  I’ve seen a lot of me, and a lot of friends, new and old.  There is pain running through every room I walk through, and not always, but some days I think I’m the only one who can feel it.

I am awake past three a.m. reading and note-taking for my Philosophical Ethics class and started scribbling nonsense on the backs of business cards.  My pen started running out and I made too much of it, but something in these limited little frames felt true.

sticky1 fading

I might continue this weird ritual, as I’m starting to enjoy spaces that are unedited (c.f. Holga) and constricted and easy to overlook. I’m sure this is one reason I’ve become so taken with Twitter and its 140 character limits on communicating.  I have a box-full of old business cards waiting to be reduced / reused and I am happy to oblige them.

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