So I’ve been summoned to court over that whole getting-my-bike-stolen-shenanigans.  I’m not sure how I count as a “witness” being as I didn’t see anything actually happen.  I just happened upon a non-existent bike, and saw the remnants of my pitiful U-lock snappage.

This will be my first trip to court.  And I will try to get out of it, mind you.

Interesting that I’ve learned the guy’s name who tried to steal the Trek, as the Superior Court subpoena reads: “The People of the State of California v. The Dude.”  Sounds very nice, having the whole of the state on my side, and all.

The way I look at it, Dude and his family are forever tied to me.  Now I can pray for/bless them by family name, best I can.  It all feels very personal, now.

3 Responses to “Subpoena”
  1. elise says:

    that is swell. you can also pray for the man that broke into my car last night, stole my new iPod and nearly got away with my guitar.

    on another note:
    let me know what court is like.. i’ll be spending my spring break on jury duty

  2. tomgreco says:

    Rule 1. Remove your hat in court.

  3. sue says:

    remember to get a hold of said friend to ask her advice

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