day 4 / lonesome bird


[ Portra VC Expired Film ]

One Response to “day 4 / lonesome bird”
  1. sue says:

    Love that you notice a lonely bird. Somehow it makes it less lonely to be noticed and thought of by someone.

    Jesus notices us in our lonely moments and cradles us into his arms letting us pour out our hearts. Or lets us rest in his arms in our loneiness.

    Glad we have a God who notices us, calls out to us, whispers his truths to us, longs for us to come to him, and rejoices at the moments we make choices that honor his worthiness.

    There are many lonely birds out there. I am clueless as to feeling lonely. So many bodies in my path,….I need to get away, in spirit, to a lonely place and ponder his words and truths that can carry me in all I need to do.

    Love your photo days, Nelly! 🙂

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