Dear Self, Let this be your Life

(Maybe just minus that one “dontcha wish” bit that is probably my least-favorite song on the radio.)

The last time I was at Liverpool Station I was misinformed about which ticket to purchase.  This almost led to disaster upon my exit, but there was rescue.

I realize this is just a crummy snarky advert for T-mobile, but all of the improv in it just makes me so happy.  Particularly the grandmas at about 01:30.

One Response to “Dear Self, Let this be your Life”
  1. Oh my goodness! That was very cute. There are little redeeming moments in advertising when something really creative and smile-producing is done. This is one of those. Kudos to the creators. Kudos to the grandmas who joined in.

    So yea, it was for sales. Still, people went on their way with a burst of happy inside.

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