Looking back on 2008 Resos

I made some public resolutions in 2008.  It was a good (and naked) thing to state them all out-loud.  I think I will do the same, this year.  But, before I do, I better take a second look at some outcomes of all the resolving.

1. Run in a race that I have no business running in. Train, enjoy, laugh a lot at myself. Well, sort of.  The half-marathon for November is rescheduled now for March 22, 2009.  Re-register because you are running in it, kid.  (Everyone is watching.) Training starts in three days.  And go.

2. Audit as many classes at Fuller as possible (for $0). Slightly unnecessary as I decided to go for a dual-Masters and keep schooling.  More on that soon.

3. Pay down 35% of my total debt (hello, undergrad/graduate loans.)  And.  Fail.  Keep trying, kid.  You are 29 and you finally found a financial system that works.  Good on ya, don’t give up.

4. Take real steps towards building community around me here in Pasadena. I highly recommend travel fasts.

5. Double my professional writing/editing work by June 2008. Will have to crunch numbers but yes.  I didn’t do anything fancy, but I think it happened.

6. Design a simple + cute + professional website for my writing/editing stuff.  No ma’am, didn’t happen. Get these nice friends to help?

7. Seek out wise mentors for the many different areas of my life.  I have my eye on a few different people, but haven’t approached them yet.  I secretly pray for them and they don’t even know it.  I am a ninja.

8. Follow through on the things I tell people that I’ll do. (You know, letting my yes be yes and no, no.) I do feel I grew up in this a bit more, this last year.

9. Finish my Bible-in-a-year (TNIV) plan.  Um nope.  Too much academic bible reading makes the heart a dulling thing.  Guhh.  But I did simmer on Isaiah and the Psalms a lot in my courses this year.  I liked those parts.

10. Live/Memorize Psalm 119.  Mmmm not really.  Don’t give up, though.  You need the Psalms and the Psalms need you.  (??!!??)

2 Responses to “Looking back on 2008 Resos”
  1. Melissa says:

    Overall, you did very well in 2008 methinks. 50% success rate is not too shabby. Much better than yours truly. But, then again, I may not have set reasonable resolutions or resolved with enough reason. 🙂 2009 is a clean slate with lots of room to simplify and renew – just like my house.

  2. Who knew there were “Prayer Ninjas”… I guess that is a type of “warrior”… haha

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