We Interrupt this Hiatus


I have been on a hiatus, of sorts.  And I return, slowly.

In the last couple of days I began running again.  It hurts to begin again.  My legs need massages.  The hurt is good.

I noticed today that my senses are heigtened when out of breath perspiration mixes with the outdoors.  I could smell things in full color. House number 384 is doing laundry.  They have chosen remarkably floral dryer sheets. I think it helps that my body hurt.  I remember times in years past when my heart hurt–almost the same–and feeling as though my senses were likewise heigtened by the strain.  Everything was more vivid.

House number 5801 is fixing something Southern Fried and wonderful. The kitchen is now spilling accidentally on the street.

I tend to think that writing / blogging / creating after a dry spell is a bit like running on hiatus.  It is awkward to begin again.  But we begin, and begin and begin.  We hope that our senses will again be released and amplified.

(lomo photo by mailo vox on Flickr)

2 Responses to “We Interrupt this Hiatus”
  1. Melissa says:

    thanks for the reminder to push ahead, even if it hurts to begin again. I hope to be blogging/writing again soon… soon.

  2. sue says:

    Just yesterday we hiked (quickly) up to Henniger Flat, after a much too long neglect to exercise. Wow! The blood pumping, breath depleating, leg aching experience is a strong indication of the need to do this more often. Which led to another hike this morning. Worth the opportunity to once again see, from up above, the amazing picture of all the liquid amber trees in their brilliant orange, yellow, and reds as they scream out amongst the greens. Beauty all around!! 🙂

    Okay, legs are a bit stiff. Hopefully my routine is set to get OUT and walk,hike, run….and breathe!!!
    Miss you, but know you are in a good place.

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