It is Time.

Self, please begin to write on the following topics this day as they are [still] on your mind.  And please also add #s 10-13. And, thank you.

Things I would like to blog about.

1. Why I am still in graduate school though I graduated in June. 

2. Proposition 8 and the denial of America’s post-Christendom.

3. That great quote on great sex / generosity. done. and done.

4. Sex, Singleness, and Healthy ways to be naked.

5. Quick review of the new iPod touch 2nd generation.

6. Top albums of 2009

7. Why bicycles should have powerful horns to honk.

8. If the Church embraced innovation as does Steve Jobs, then…

9. Shameless birthday-present ask RE: Pasadena half-marathon. your birthday is now over and the wildfires choked the air to cancel that half-marathon. and you rejoiced because you’d gone on a 6 week training hiatus.

10. I think I aspire towards pithyness; or why I heart Twitter so very much.

11. Must-have iPhone apps.

12. Teaching my Mama how to use her first Mac (a short series).

13. Elaborate on the incredible Over the Rhine Q + A forum.

One Response to “It is Time.”
  1. wess says:

    looks like a great list.

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